Wordwalk Puzzles: 2023-01-27

WordWalk Puzzles for 2023-01-28 at Yesterday's puzzles: English rootword was "GRADUALLY". German rootword was "ZWEIFLER". Spanish rootword was "DESCUIDA". Kids rootword was "HUMAN". #wordwalkpuzzles   Here's the solution for yesterday's English puzzle: First subword,  "DRUG":  Second and Third subwords, "DAY" and "LAY": After final subword, "GUY":   Just before placing the final letter of the rootword, "GRADUALLY":       Upon completion:  

WordWalk Puzzles: 1/26/23

 WordWalk Puzzles for 2023-01-26 at Yesterday's puzzles: English rootword was "CONDITION". German rootword was "ZUCKTET". Spanish rootword was "MORTALES". Kids rootword was "DEPOSIT". #wordwalkpuzzles

More Proposed Features for WordWalk 2.0

In WordWalk 2.0, the registered users will be able to design puzzles and challenge their friends to solve them. Part of the challenge will consist in specifying which subwords will be made known to the friend solving the puzzle and which subwords won't be made known. In this way, the puzzle designer can determine the difficulty of the puzzle beyond the number of rootwords, the number of letters involved, the number of subwords. Unregistered users will be able to choose for themselves from a vast array of puzzles in many languages, but they will not be able to design and build them.

New Domain Name Alias for WordWalk:

 Announcing the  registration of the domain name which currently points at . The goal is to set up a separate WordWalk site for kids that uses a spaghetti and meatballs motif. The current GoDaddy cookie cutter site will be converted into a safe site for kids. Adults will be migrated over to a new site that will have many features that are perhaps not appropriate for younger children.  E.g., it will allow users to register, login, create their own puzzles, share those with other users and compete in contests.  That site is currently under development and will use the Django and React tech stack. Stay tune for more announcements!

New WordWalk Format

 Yesterday we implemented a new version of WordWalk , eliminating the drag-and-drop approach in favor of point-and-click.   We have also placed all the candidate letters in a table row above the graph, so now there are no longer any floating letters that have to be dragged and dropped. We have also included the maximum possible score (which varies with each puzzle) so that you can compare your score against the best possible. To help understand how this works, let take a look at the kid's puzzle step by step. Here's the initial set up. Note that there 395 points possible. First we try to spell out "BEER" by selecting the B in the table: Then we select the B in the graph, which gets highlighted in yellow, and the yellow/red coloring for the B in the table reverts to white/black: Since the B is a correct first letter for either of the subwords, it remains yellow/black until the subword is completed.  Since we are trying for "BEER", the next letter is E: Placin

Tip for today's German Word 9/29/2022

Today's German puzzle is tough, but you can logically eliminate some stuff by just looking at the arrows and the subwords, before even trying to place a subword. Doing that led me to try the subword 'HIER' first. Das heutige deutsche Puzzle ist schwierig, aber Sie können einige Dinge logischerweise eliminieren, indem Sie sich nur die Pfeile und die Teilwörter ansehen, bevor Sie überhaupt versuchen, ein Teilwort zu platzieren. Das führte dazu, dass ich zuerst das Teilwort „HIER“ versuchte.  

Daily WordWalk Puzzles for 9/24/2022

  Daily WordWalk Puzzles 9/24/2022: English Spanish German Kids Yesterday's words can be found at the website. Enjoy!